The Best Installment Loans of February 2022


An installment loan provides funding that you receive in one lump sum that you pay back over a specific time. The number of loans for non-secured installment loans, also called personal loans, can range from 100 to $100, based on the lending institution and loan you’re eligible for Consolidationnow. The repayment terms for larger loans generally vary from 2 to 7 years. Smaller loans could have terms for repayment as short as just a few months.

The most reliable installment loan comes with the lowest interest rates and affordable monthly payments. You should also look for features such as the option to include an additional co-signer to lower your interest rate or get same-day funding if it’s crucial to you.

What is HTML0? How do installment loans work?

Once you’ve been accepted for an installment loan, your lender usually transfers the funds to an account in your account at the bank. Then, you repay the loan amount, with interest, over the time specified in the loan agreement. For instance, if you receive a loan of $2,000 with a 12 month repayment period and an 11.8 percent per year, you’ll have to make 12 payments totaling $178.

The types of installment loans

A variety of loan types have an installment structure. You may even have one right now. Here are some instances for installment loans:

  • Personal loan: An unsecured, fixed-rate loan you pay back in fixed biweekly or monthly installments.
  • Auto loans: A secure loan usually with a fixed interest and repayment in installments.
  • Student loans: one-time loans, which might have a variable interest rate and payment dates that change throughout.

Where can you obtain an installment loan?

Credit unions, banks, and online lenders offer individual installment loans. Compare the lenders and find one with the most competitive rates, terms, and loans features.


A small number of national banks provide non-secure installment loans. If your bank does, then it’s a great location to start comparing since banks may offer lower rates or lower terms for current customers.

Small-dollar bank loans: Credits less than $1,000 are not expected at the central banks. However, U.S. Bank and Bank of America clients could be eligible for a loan of just a couple hundred dollars, repayable in three regular monthly installments.

Credit unions

Personal loans at credit unions are offered to members of credit unions typically with lower interest rates than the other lending institutions. Federal credit unions set the pace for a personal loan at 18 percent. Credit unions can also check your membership status and credit score when you seek a loan, increasing your chances of getting the loan.

Loans to credit unions with small-dollar amounts Some credit unions provide a kind of personal loan, known as the payday loan. The loans typically are smaller than $1,000 and are repaid every month over one or two years with an APR of less than 28%, and don’t need a good credit score to be eligible.

Online Lenders

Online lenders offer a broad spectrum of clients. They cater to excellent credit scores, whereas other lenders offer loans to consumers. On-line installment loans generally have rates between 6 and 36%, and they are repayable between two and seven years.

Contrary to most credit unions and banks, the majority of online lenders let users pre-qualify to find out the rates, terms, and monthly payments you’re eligible for. Pre-qualifying won’t affect your credit score; therefore, you can compare deals from various lenders.

Loans for online small-dollars: Small-dollar loans from online lenders can be challenging to navigate. Some lenders provide small-sized loans with an APR of less than 36%, which is the maximum rate that consumers claim is reasonable — however, some charge rates over that and place the borrowers at risk of having to pay. Capital Good Fund is an online lender offering relatively low-cost small loans beginning at $300 to borrowers across six states.

What makes an installment loan is a good idea?

There are three reasons why a personal installment loan is a great idea:

  • Consolidation of debt: A installment loan is a way to combine debts with no collateral, such as high-interest loans and credit cards, into one monthly payment. Applying for a loan to consolidate debts is a brilliant idea if your interest rates are lower than the rate of all those debts to be reduced.
  • Home improvements: There are many choices for financing home improvements, but an installment loan could be ideal for financing home improvement projects when you know the amount of the renovation will cost and are eligible for a lower interest rate.
  • Emergency: Because they can be costly, An installment loan should not be the first option when you’re in a crisis. Instead, think about other options that are low-cost or have no interest. If you do have an idea of how you will pay your bills and require urgent funds, and need to pay for your bills on time, an installment loan may aid you to overcome the time of an unexpected need.

Before you apply for the installment loans

Like any type of credit, you need to make sure you receive a loan in line with your financial goals and budget. The steps we recommend:

Be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages: Installment loans are advantageous over other types of credit, like credit cards; however, they come with cons. Find out the pros and cons regarding installment loans and consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Find out your score on your credit report: Borrowers with higher credit scores have lower interest rates, which means a lower cost of interest throughout their loan. If you think your credit may need work, Do what you can to improve credit scores.

Make a plan to pay it back: If you don’t already have one, build a budget that accounts for your loans’ payment. NerdWallet suggests that you allocate 20 percent of your budget to savings and debt repayments.

Installment loans against. Payday loans

Payday loans and installment loans are appropriately named since, while you pay back the installment loan with regular payments, the payday loan on the next payday.

Installment loans, as such, tend to be less expensive than payday advances. It’s possible to have a more detailed time planning and pay back loans broken down into multiple installments over several pay periods.

Installment loans in contrast to. credit card

In addition, the ability to receive the cash through an installment loan as one lump sum is a factor that sets it apart from credit cards. Credit cards are revolving debt. You borrow whenever you swipe your card, payback, and repeat.

An installment loan, however, does not revolve around you. It’s a simple process: You borrow, pay, and then pay it back.


NerdWallet’s review process reviews and rates personal loans from over 35 banks. We gather more than 45 points of data from every lender. We talk to company representatives and then examine the lender’s performance against those who seek the same client or provide a similar personal loan. NerdWallet editors and writers conduct thorough fact checks and review each year. They also update all through the year.

Our stars are awarded points to those who offer consumers-friendly services, such as soft credit checks that allow you to pre-qualify for loans, competitive interest rates and no charges, transparent rates and conditions as well as flexibility in payment methods, quick processing times for funding, easy customer support, and reporting of payments to credit bureaus, and financial education. We also look at the regulatory actions taken by organizations like that of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We evaluate these aspects according to our evaluation of which ones are the most crucial to consumers and how they affect consumers’ experience.

This approach is only available to lenders who set the interest rate at 36%, the maximum speed that most experts in the field and consumer advocates accept as the appropriate limit to make a loan affordable. NerdWallet does not get paid for our top ratings. Find out further about our rating methodology for personal loans and our guidelines for editing.


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