SK hynix to supply industry’s first HBM3 DRAM to NVIDIA


The announcement comes just seven months after the company became the first in the industry to develop HBM3 in October, and is expected to solidify the company’s leadership in the high-end DRAM market.

With accelerating advancements in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, major global technology companies are looking for ways to quickly process rapidly increasing volumes of data. HBM, with significant competitiveness in terms of data processing speed and performance against traditional DRAM, is expected to attract industry attention and see increased adoption.

NVIDIA recently completed its performance evaluation of SK hynix’s HBM3 samples. SK hynix will supply HBM3 for NVIDIA systems which are expected to ship from the third quarter of this year. SK hynix will increase the volume of HBM3 in the first half in accordance with NVIDIA’s schedule.

The highly anticipated NVIDIA H100 is the world’s largest and most powerful accelerator. SK hynix’s HBM3 is expected to boost accelerated computing performance with up to 819 GB/s of memory bandwidth, which is equivalent to transmitting 163 FHD (Full-HD) movies (5 GB standard) every second.

Kevin (Jongwon) Noh, president and chief marketing officer of SK hynix, says the company has achieved top-notch competitiveness in the high-end DRAM market through its close cooperation with NVIDIA. “We aim to become a solution provider that deeply understands and responds to the needs of our customers through continuous open collaboration,” he said.

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