Sharpened Iron Studios first film production Amarillo


Sharpened Iron Studios has completed filming on its first feature film production.

“What Remains” was filmed here in the Panhandle, parts of Amarillo, Canyon and Claude, with the majority of the production involving residents of Amarillo.

“Eighty-five percent of the people below the line, the team that really makes a movie, are Texans, the majority of them being from Amarillo and the Panhandle, which is one. goals that SIS set for itself when we started. Said Sean Doherty, CEO of Sharpened Iron Studios.

“Building a team base here in Amarillo so that when we filmed and other production companies came here to film in Amarillo and rent our facilities, they would hire Amarilloians and just create a new industry and a new base.” jobs for this community. . We’re really excited to start to see this happen, ”Doherty said.

The film is a story of forgiveness. It begins with a flashback of five years ago, when a man named Troy breaks into a house to rob it, unaware that it belongs to a pastor and his wife. Troy accidentally shoots the pastor’s wife, and before she passes, she tells Troy that she forgives him.

The pastor then goes to court and asks that Troy have a lesser sentence because his wife’s murder was an accident. This led to a falling out between the pastor and his 13-year-old son, Samuel.

Five years after Troy is released from prison, Troy wants to know how the pastor could forgive him for murdering his wife. Troy then becomes close to the pastor after working for him, and he ends up becoming a believer.

However, Samuel did not forgive him and later faced a difficult decision.

The story came from Los Angeles-based writer and director Nathan Scoggins, who created the story out of his interest in incarceration and the lives of convicts after their release. Scoggins, after creating the story based in Texas, then came up with the idea of ​​working with Sharpened Iron Studios.

“I’ve had this story in my head for a long time, and it came out of me quickly. It took about a month to write it, ”Scoggins said.

“I pitched the story to Sean (Doherty) and he really responded to it. And then we kind of have that convergence, because I also do a lot of mentoring for young filmmakers. … And they have Amarillo. College, the relationship there, it just seemed like there was a convergence between what they were doing and what I wanted to do, so it felt natural to be in partnership, ”said Scoggins.

The offices of Sharpened Iron Studios, located at the Innovation Outpost in downtown Amarillo [Shaie Williams/for Amarillo Magazine]

The film stars cast members including Kellan Lutz of the “Twilight” franchise, Cress Williams of the Marvel “Black Lightning” series, and Emmy nominee Anne Heche in the lead female role.

The film also includes Korey Pollard as the film’s producer, who also produced the shows “Nashville” and “9-1-1”. Ralph Winter, executive producer, is known for his involvement in the production of the “X-Men”, “Fantastic Four” and “Star Trek” series.

Some locations that will be included in the film are Claude High School, Town Square, Randall County Courthouse in Canyon, and 10th Street in Amarillo.

“It will definitely be recognizable,” Doherty said.

The film is currently in post-production. According to Doherty, the plan is to complete all post-production work, including the soundtrack, by December 1. Sharpened Iron Studios then plans to host a screening and preview the film here in Amarillo after it has been sold to distributors.

“We fully anticipate that our stars will come back for this. All three have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for what we’re doing here, ”Doherty said.

Sharpened Iron Studios recently installed signage on the downtown Amarillo College campus after the college recently established a film arts school in its innovation outpost.

October 27 marked the first anniversary of the Amarillo College Board of Directors’ vote to approve the lease to the company to take over the downtown campus.

“It was really the first day that SIS was fully operational. It really determined that we were going to be able to do what we wanted to do here on the downtown campus, so the circle has really come full circle, ”Doherty said.

Some of the technology and equipment that will be part of the Sharpened Iron Studios, located at the innovation outpost in downtown Amarillo. [Shaie Williams for Amarillo Magazine]

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