Sales of organic infant formula made in Heath soar


HEATH, Ohio (WCMH) — A shortage of infant formula is having parents across the country scrambling, but an alternative option is available for families in central Ohio.

Nature’s One manufactures all-organic infant formula in Heath, headquartered in Lewis Center. All of the company’s products, from baby formula to diapers, are sold in major central Ohio grocery stores.

Founder and CEO Jay Highman said Nature’s One is a smaller company than some of the well-known formula makers like Abbott, but now its low-profile status works to its advantage.

“We try to provide as much as possible,” Highman said.

In recent weeks, Highman said the company’s sales have skyrocketed about 200% as families across the country struggle to stock up on baby formula.

“Parents just don’t know about us, and I think something like that helps people understand that there are better alternatives on the market like ‘Baby’s Only’ organic formulas,” Highman said.

Unlike Abbott and companies that are experiencing formula manufacturing shortages, Highman said Nature’s One is ramping up production and increasing employee shifts to meet demand.

He said a big reason Nature’s One hasn’t taken a hit like other companies is due to its size and the ingredients used to make its formula.

“It’s organically raised, there are no insecticides, pesticides in the cow feed on the protein in the fields or any of the ingredients see those kinds of chemicals,” Highman said.

The environment in which Nature’s One manufactures the formula is fully controlled, from the sanitizing process to the quality testing of ingredients.

Once done, the formula goes through a multi-step process to create the formula where it is exposed to high temperatures and wind speeds to ensure the purity of the product. Then it is packaged to be put on the shelves.

“A baby can’t miss a feed,” Highman said. “It’s not like we can say we’ll have it all for you tomorrow or next week – it has to be resolved yesterday. So we’re doing everything we can to get to market with our product.

Highman said the company typically creates about 15 million pounds of formula per year.

He encouraged parents in need of formula to contact a healthcare provider before switching to a new product.


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