Profile Films Acquires Long Vacant West Side GR Industrial Property for Expansion


GRAND RAPIDS — Manufacturer of plastic tarpaulins Profile Films Inc. plans a major expansion into a long-vacant industrial property on the west side of Grand Rapids, which was previously considered for a large-scale cannabis cultivation facility.

Profile Films acquired 9 acres at 719 Ann St. NW — located adjacent to the company’s current location at 1976 Avastar Parkway NW — for $3.2 million on July 8, said Jacey Shachter, president of LLC Metric Structures. Metric Structures is the owner’s representative for the Profile Films expansion project and has been working to acquire the property since October 2021, said Shachter, who is the daughter of Profile Films CEO Steve Ehmann.

At its August 11 meeting, the Grand Rapids Planning Commission will consider Profile Films’ request to demolish vacant industrial buildings on site to make way for a 183,000 square foot manufacturing facility that would be connected by walkway to the Profile Film’s current location, according to project renders.

Details of the expansion are “very preliminary” at this point, but Profile Films would use the new space for manufacturing purposes, Shachter said. The long-vacant main structure on the property poses a “tremendous security risk,” Shachter added.

“The main structure and the old boiler room need some pretty serious environmental reduction,” Shachter said. “The historic chimney and the water tower will be preserved.”

FCC Construction Inc. serves as general contractor and LLC Integrated Architecture serves as the architect of the project.

“Industrial property in the city of Grand Rapids is very limited and the opportunity has arisen to purchase it,” Shachter said. “In the interests of proximity and ease of access for the current employee base, we decided to move forward.”

Founded in 1998, Profile Films manufactures food grade recyclable plastic bags, sheets and tubes. Over the past several years, Profile Films has enjoyed success in the wider world of plastic bags and sheets by serving a niche market of custom polythene bags, sheets, tubes and other converted products, as well as MiBiz Previously reported.

Vertically integrated Cloud Cannabis Co. previously owned the entire sprawling property with plans for a commercial grow facility. It scaled back those plans to use just a 10,000 square foot building at 701 Ann St. NW at the rear of the property for retail and processing, company officials say.

“With the rapid decline in the wholesale price of cannabis, building a 200,000 square foot grow facility just didn’t work out,” said John McLeod, co-founder and head of new markets for Cloud Cannabis.

McLeod noted that the cost to build a commercial grow facility ranges from $350 to $400 per square foot, and the company last year acquired a 70,000 square foot grow facility in Kalamazoo Township.

“For us, we have enough product to satisfy our business footprint,” McLeod said.

Pending city approvals, McLeod hopes to open the Ann Street Cloud Cannabis site in mid-summer 2023, McLeod said.

Profile Films’ acquisition of part of the Ann Street property is a “win-win” for the West Side, McLeod said.

“It continues to help us fuel our expansion,” McLeod said. “We are no longer distracted by this huge, heavy project and we can stay focused on the task at hand, which is to open these locations, making sure that we are doing it at the right rate of growth and that we are not before our skis.”

Cloud Cannabis currently has eight dispensaries across the state and several more locations under construction. The cannabis company is planning additional locations in Grand Rapids on 28th Street and 15 Lexington Ave. NW.

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