New Tentoma Line Provides 100% Sealed Packaging for Door Manufacturers


TentomeThe RoRo StretchPack line of offers fully sealed six-sided door packaging that is supposed to protect the appearance and value of doors before they reach end users.

According to Tentoma, the new packaging solution has multiple features, including lifting the door for mounting the corner guard, centering the door on the infeed conveyor, measuring the size (width x height) of the door, and packing and sealing the door in one operation.

Using RoRo StretchPack, the door is wrapped in tubular stretch film that provides six-sided packaging, apparently with a short, 100% waterproof seal at each end. This is intended to protect the doors from dirt and moisture during storage and transport.

Tentoma says the RoRo StretchPack technology is based on vertical stretch hood packaging, which was developed to allow six-sided sealed horizontal packaging of bulky goods, including doors and table tops, in a single operation.

Additionally, the company claims that RoRo StretchPack is a single-layer packaging, which gives a tight finish where the film fits near the door. He adds that this reduces film consumption by around 25-60% compared to conventional packaging methods, such as orbital packaging.

RoRo StretchPack is also a cold packaging process, which means that customers can remove heat shrink overpacks from the packaging line and thus reduce energy consumption. The new solution can operate with high repeatability and produce uniform packaging, which makes it suitable for the printed brand, according to the company.

Jane Tønder, Sales Manager at Tentoma, comments: “We have seen more and more door manufacturers adopt the RoRo StretchPack for packaging.

“This is the reason why we have developed this complete packaging line [for] the door manufacturing industry.

“It can be installed as a stand-alone solution or as an in-line solution in a fully automated production line. The final configuration will of course always be based on customer requirements.

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