New report reveals preference for sustainable packaging


New data reveals that consumer demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable product packaging has proven to be remarkably stable and robust throughout the societal changes that have occurred over the past few years.

Trivium Packaging has published its 2022 Global Buy Green report, based on a survey of over 15,000 consumers in Europe, North America and South America on their values ​​and behaviors related to sustainable packaging, including willingness to pay more for eco-friendly packaging environment, perceptions of materials and interest in refillable packaging .

The study reveals a steady increase in young consumers’ commitment to sustainable living, with 86% of those aged 45 and under being willing to pay more for sustainable packaging, compared to 83% when comparing the same set of data from Trivium. 2021 Global Buy Green report. Consumers have reinforced their commitment to sustainable packaging and continue to lead the way by rewarding brands for their shift to sustainable packaging, translating their values ​​into behaviors.

Key findings conclude that overall consumer demand for sustainable packaging remains high, with 70% identifying as environmentally friendly, up 3% from last year. In a new finding, 68% chose a product in the past six months based on its sustainability credentials. This result aligns closely with more than two-thirds of consumers who identify as environmentally conscious and demonstrates that consumers are translating awareness into action.

Meanwhile, 74% expressed interest in purchasing products in refillable packaging. Consumers want products in recyclable packaging, but they also recognize the value of extending the life of packaging through reuse. Refillable packaging is proving to be an attractive solution for consumer products.

“The data from this year’s Buying Green report clearly shows that transitioning to sustainable packaging is not only the right decision for the environment, but also the right decision for any business,” said Jenny Wassenaar, director of sustainability at Trivium Packaging. “Metal packaging fits perfectly into a circular economy. Once produced, metals exist forever and can be used, reused and recycled endlessly without any loss of quality.”

Brands risk losing market share when they cannot meet consumer demand for sustainable packaging. Consumers are 57% less likely to buy products in packaging they consider harmful to the environment and 44% go further and say they “won’t buy” products in packaging that is harmful to the environment. ‘environment. Therefore, it is important that brands share all packaging sustainability credentials so that consumers can make informed decisions.

“Brands that take a more holistic approach to sustainability by integrating packaging materials into their story can help align perceptions with reality and strengthen their sustainability credentials,” said Michael Mapes, CEO of Trivium. Packaging. “Trivium has been a pioneer in expanding the use of infinitely recyclable metal in packaging by delivering a range of innovative solutions that help brands improve packaging sustainability. Consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging environment is higher than ever, and consumer behaviors as a result speak for themselves – companies need to step up.”


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