Meet Artem Buryak: Top Product Designer For 8+ Figure Companies


It’s no secret – for better or for worse, we live in a perception-based world – a world where the majority of our beliefs are shaped according to the way things appear at first glance. From the shoes we buy to the cars we drive, to the houses we live in, image matters.

Artem Buryak knows this truth better. The 24-year-old product designer from Moscow, Russia has been the secret ingredient designer behind many 8-figure companies across the country. Its approach is simple, clean and always with the user in mind.

The importance of a clean UIUX

Buryak states that “functionality means nothing if the product image isn’t top notch. I’ve seen a few SAAS + Tech companies go underwater soon after their first raise by not prioritizing design. sufficient. Consumers want a product that works well, but more so a product that they be excited to use, that’s exactly where designers come in, ”says Buryak.

Buryak goes on to state “If you place two identical products side by side and both work exactly the same, but one looks better than the other … which product do you think consumers will choose and Why ” ?

Buryak designs in demand

Buryak’s work has found its way to be considered “top of the totem” by several start-ups, including Much chat, GGTV, Manulife and Lock – a one-click payment platform that recently raised $ 75 million in their last round of Series C funding, as discussed by a 2020 Technological crisis article.

Even Russia’s very prominent President Vladimir Putin had a strong affinity with Buryak’s designs, hiring him for design work at the Agency’s Projects for Strategic Initiatives exhibition shown below. :

How to choose the right designer

Artem believes that the right designers are selected on the basis of a strict set of criteria.

And one of them is prioritization. A good designer decides what features to build next with standardized, data-driven prioritization. It creates personalized real-time roadmaps to align teams and reflect customer insights.

Artem said that a good product designer would allow certain integrations in their designs to ensure easy workflows with top notch integrations and APIs.

In the design process, a great designer has a strong love for context. Yes, he is able to think beyond and above. He questions the brief and looks past the obvious. He understands the customer journey and knows the impact of each design decision on the rest of the product and beyond. That is why it is essential for every product designer to spend a lot of time with customers, learning about their issues in depth in order to design the user interfaces that lead to valuable customer solutions.

Visual skills; clear and constant communication; actual working experience on the product, not just on the image; responsibility for design decisions, a ton of user research, a little creative control to make the process faster and more efficient.

Artem designed its team to improve readability, elegance and clarity to delight its customers. The bright future of Artem

Artem plans to be a thought leader in the field of design. He plans to shape the future of artificial intelligence, while also inspiring the beauty of the natural world – to be recognized for a style that influences next-generation product concepts for startups and large innovative companies.


If done correctly, UIUX designers can dramatically increase your bottom line. Investors love designs that communicate excellence.

Conversely, choosing the wrong designer can be just as fatal. This can lead to wasted resources with zero results. As a result, you waste time, energy and capital unnecessarily. As the saying goes, “hire right or hire twice”!


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