Made in America: Companies Featured by ABC’s David Muir Cook Christmas Dinner


These companies have worked hard to make the Christmas dinner bell.

In Los Angeles, the Delight Patisserie bakery bakes more than 3,000 personalized cookies a day, for Santa Claus and the whole family. Owner Celine Zhou said she was hiring to meet demand.

“I am delighted to show you the personalized message cookie we created for you… and here is the message: ‘Happy Holidays, David!’ Zhou told ‘World News Tonight’.

Nearby, in Riverside, California, Banza sells its famous chickpea-based pasta. The product is manufactured by a workforce of 125 people.

Scott and Brian Rudolph are brothers and co-founders.

Scott Rudolph said the company is working with U.S.-based farmers and factory employers to supply their chickpeas.

“[We’re] working hard so everyone can have delicious and notorious and easy family meals while on vacation, ”said Scott Rudolph.

Brian Rudolph added that their chickpea pasta isn’t just perfect for the holidays, in fact, they’re hoping people find ways to include it in everyday meals.

“Our mission is to inspire people to eat more chickpeas and other beans,” said Brian Rudolph. “Chickpeas are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and great for people and the planet.”

Banza products are available in over 18,000 stores across the county.

Manoj Venugopal, head of manufacturing at Banza, said they have seen massive growth over the past year.

“It’s really exciting to work here in Banza,” said Venugopal. “The best part is the Banza made in America!” “

Banza isn’t the only West Coast business growing rapidly. Coffee Subscription Service Groundwork Coffee employs 190 people in Oregon and California.

“Our mission is to seek out and share exceptional organic coffee that inspires people to work hard, dream big and make an impact on the world,” said CEO Eddy Cola, who added that coffee subscriptions can make a great holiday gift.


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