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I found out that the city of Tucson has a site that includes half a dozen gigantic recycling bins, as well as special purple glass-only bins (which are no longer accepted in the home recycling program of the city). When I arrived this week, however, the trash cans were full.

Still, a few guys had leaned their van against a receptacle and were standing on the bed, unloading cardboard, essentially throwing it on top of the mound.

For lack of a ladder, I had to put my six or seven boxes (slumped and folded) in empty spaces between the other boxes in the bins.

What happens in Tucson is happening all over the world. What is the answer? Much of the public wants and / or needs to shop online, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The answer is that Amazon and other online retailers are reducing unnecessary packaging and supporting local recycling efforts made necessary by the economic activity of Amazon and other online retailers.

In a statement posted on its website, Amazon says it is working to “reinvent and simplify” packaging. In June 2021, according to Amazon, “we have reduced the weight of outgoing packaging by more than 36% and eliminated more than a million tonnes of packaging material since 2015, or the equivalent of 2 billion shipping boxes. “.

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