marks the end of single-use plastics with the launch of HumidiNaturals ™, a plastic-free packaging and labeling solution


The cannabis industry has a plastic problem. It is estimated that one million tonnes of plastic waste was generated by the cannabis industry in 2019. It is believed that 75% of this plastic was not recycled, as this waste accumulates, as do microplastics and nanoplastics found in our landscapes, oceans, and food supply chains.

“Our goal is to remove 750,000 pounds of plastic from the cannabis supply chain by replacing current plastic offerings with our plant-based biopolymer blends.” Jonathan heiniemi, founder and CEO of continued, “Our products are designed to degrade in 14 to 18 months.”

Humidi has found a viable alternative to plastic with HumidiNaturals ™ and this technology will allow cannabis growers and enthusiasts to enjoy their products without negatively impacting the environment. offers a sustainable solution where other sustainable products are insufficient, leaving only CO2 and water, without the need for industrial composting facilities or generating harmful micro-plastics. Products now available are pre-rolled tubes, 3-ounce containers, shrink bands, child-resistant lids, and water-dispersible labels.

The difference is simple:

  • Sustainable: HumidiNaturals ™ are plant-based and 100% compostable, biodegradable and contain NO Plastic
  • Based in the United States: Sourced, designed and manufactured in United States
  • Profitable: ™ is priced to compete with current glass and plastic offers

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About is dedicated to “Changing the world through packaging”; with new sustainable options, we are working to change the talk about packaging and what it means for our environment. has been serving the cannabis industry with bulk and retail packaging for over 10 years.

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