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PLATTSBURGH — Local members of Beyond Plastics, a national group whose mission is to end plastic pollution, held a peaceful event at Price Chopper/Market32 here on Saturday.

Member Victoria Aguilar said Beyond Plastics plans to hold a national supermarket plastic take-back event in several cities across the country on the same day.

Aguilar, 20, took part in the event by displaying a plastic monster, made up of bottles and other single-use plastic containers she collected over the course of a month on Market32, near the entrance store main.


She said the display was designed to draw attention to the unnecessary plastics in which most food products are packaged and sold at the store.

“A lot of people would choose something that isn’t plastic if they had the option. For example, here’s the sushi,” Aguilar said, pointing to the plastic monster’s stomach part. “I really like sushi, but they always give you that plastic that you really can’t do anything with.”

“It’s just my personal plastic waste that I show…imagine, all those cars, how much plastic waste there is in just one month. Much of it ends up in the ocean.


A press release said two-thirds of Americans are willing to pay more for everyday items made from environmentally sustainable materials instead of single-use plastic, according to a survey by PBS NewsHour and Marist Poll. and 81% of US voters said they want to pass laws that reduce single-use plastic in a recent Ocean poll.

During the event, members of Beyond Plastics also delivered a letter to Market32 CEO Frank Curci asking him to reduce plastic packaging and including a list of existing solutions.

They chose to write a letter because getting in touch with them through other forms of communication is “not very easy,” Aguilar said.


“They can do a lot,” she said.

“When you get the products, they can offer mesh bags, or they can offer something that we can bring back… they can use cardboard for sushi, for example. There’s just no need for as much plastic; for cheese, they can use glass.

Of all the supermarket options in the area, Aguilar chose Market32 after conducting an online survey asking people where they shop the most in Plattsburgh.

Aguilar added that Market32 is also his favorite place to buy food.

“It’s the place that has all the vegan stuff I get,” she said.

“It’s a way of showing them that consumers want them to switch to more sustainable (packaging) that isn’t plastic.”


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