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ST. MARYS – Just in time for the 2021 holiday season, St. Marys mother and entrepreneur Aubri Swartz took her creative ability to a whole new level by starting her own specialty deli business.

Swartz, who has three daughters – Julianna, Brynlee and Willow – called it “Twisted Willow Grazing Co”. became a thought when Willow was born, hence her name.

“I knew I wanted to be able to raise my kids on my own schedule and on my own terms. I’ve always loved a good charcuterie board so thought it would be cool to try and bring something like this to the area, but I had no idea how well received it would be in a small town. She said.

Charcuterie boards have grown in popularity and popularity in recent times. Generally known as a deli display, they have grown to also include cheeses and other additions such as fruits, olives, nuts, and spreads. Swartz also creates pasture boxes, which are typically made on a table or large cutting board and consist of a wide variety of foods, according to the “Natasha’s Kitchen” website.

Having just started the business in fall 2021, Swartz has already prepared pasture tables for four major weddings and is planning more in the coming year. Weddings are her favorite event.

They’re also perfect for business meetings and gatherings with family and friends, with a variety of sizes and options to choose from.

Separating from the rest, TWGC also offers “single-serve cones,” resembling an ice cream cone, which are perfect for events like bridal parties and baby showers, Swartz said.

His creations can also serve as a sentimental piece. One of the biggest sellers are gift boxes, sent to families who have recently suffered loss.

“Families seem to really enjoy the feeling,” she said, noting that they’re also great for birthdays and anniversaries instead of flowers.

Offering more than good porridge, Swartz attributes the popularity of the deli meats to the attractive appearance of the displays.

“People love to organize social media posts and also have / bring a piece of ‘conversation’ to the party,” she said.

Swartz focuses on more basic ingredients, rather than expensive meats and cheeses, using his creativity all the way, coordinating the colors of all the ingredients together.

Serving customers across the region, TWGC operates out of Samick’s Garage / Just Ben’s Catering in St. Marys.

“We offer delivery within a 10 mile radius and can deliver semi-locally for a fixed delivery rate, depending on the distance,” she said.

Feedback from the community so far has been overwhelmingly positive, said Swartz, and she is grateful for the support from her hometown.

“I think people are happy to have something different in the area,” she said.

She doesn’t take custom orders, Swartz said, as she enjoys “creative control” over her designs, putting together different layouts and ingredients as she envisions them. She especially liked finding new themed items to incorporate specifically during the holidays, such as turkey items for Thanksgiving and additions to Christmas colors.

The popularity was so intense that Twisted Willow was quickly booked for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as for the New Year in January.

Twisted Willow will also be releasing their Valentine’s Day menu soon, which will include roses and other options for customers.

Between social media and word of mouth, Swartz said the business has taken off. She also attended a few festivals and events, such as the Queen of Tarts Christmas Market and Maker’s Fair at DuBois on December 4th.

“I am so grateful that everyone appreciates my designs,” she said.

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