Ford presents the police version of the electric F-150 Lightning


Ford Motor Co. will introduce an all-electric version of the F-150 Lightning for police use.

The Detroit automaker announced Thursday the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Special Duty Vehicle, a model that will be designed specifically for police departments. Ford noted in a press release that it has been supplying vehicles to police departments for more than 70 years.

Ford Pro, the company’s utility vehicle business, has more than 12,000 police departments across the United States as customers and says its line of police vehicles outsells all other vehicles in combined font.

Ford offers several models of police vehicles, including the Police Interceptor Utility and an internal combustion engine version of the F-150 SSV.

“We are proud to offer America’s first electric police van to local government customers who can use the truck’s revolutionary technology to improve their productivity,” said Nate Oscarson, Ford Pro National Government Sales Manager, in a press release.

Ford says the Lightning Pro SSV is “designed to meet specialized departmental needs,” such as assistance at an accident scene or crime scene. Purpose-built features include: hard-wearing, police-grade cloth seats with reduced bolsters; steel intrusion plates integrated into the front seat backrests; and roof-mounted red/blue and amber/white LED warning beacons, among others.

Ford Pro SSV customers will receive a free two-year subscription to Ford Telematics; consultancy relating to the installation and operation of charging, data management and digital services; and a service that provides guides and information on how to add specialist tools and aftermarket equipment.

Ford said more information on the 2023 F-150 Lightning will be released later this summer. The automaker launched the F-150 Lightning in April.

Jordyn Grzelewski, The Detroit News (TNS)


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