Dungeons and Dragons movie has finished production

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The Dungeons & Dragons the film has finished production!

Director John Francis Daley announced on social media that filming for the film was finished.

The looks of the new D&D film are all about bringing the best tabletop role-playing (RPG) adaptation to life. The cast includes leading actor Chris Pine (Wonder Woman 1984), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and furious franchise), Smith J. (Detective Pikachu) and Régé-Jean Page (Bridgerton).

According to Collider, Daley is known to have played the role of Lance Sweet in the procedural series Bones. He co-wrote the screenplay for D&D and co-directs with Johnathan Smith, who is best known for writing Spider-Man: Homecoming, horrible bosses, and Game night.

The D&D game was invented in 1974 and has never lost its enthusiasm during the game’s 47 years of existence. The first attempt at adaptation hit theaters in 2000 and starred Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans and Thora Birch. The film was a commercial and critical flop and hated by moviegoers in general and fans of the game.

Daley and Smith aren’t the only ones adapting D&D material. John wick creator Derek Kolstad directs a TV series inspired by the source material. Since Paramount is producing the show, there could be a serious overlap between the film and the series.

The epic fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons is set to debut in Spring 2023. Fans know very little about where this film is heading or the plot, but we’ll learn more as the time draws near. It’s understandable that fans are wary of an adaptation because the last one was such a bummer, but with the caliber of people involved, maybe this one will prove to be watchable.

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