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On December 12, Duluth Pack entered its 140th year of continuous operation. Manufacturer Made in America is the oldest manufacturer of canvas and leather bags and bags in the United States. Since 1882, Duluth Pack has continuously handcrafted high quality outdoor gear, bags, duffel bags, tote bags and accessories in canvas, leather and wool.

On December 12, 1882, the French-Canadian founder of Duluth Pack, Camille Poirier, patented the official Duluth Pack, originally called the Poirier Pack Sack. This original style was used in the lumber, harbor, railroad and mining industries and is still manufactured and sold by Duluth Pack today. The original Duluth Pack styles – # 2 Original and # 4 Original – designed by Camille are both in store and online.

“The start of our 140th year in business is a big milestone for us, and being the head of an American manufacturing company like Duluth Pack is an honor that I don’t take lightly,” said the president and Duluth Pack CEO Tom Sega in a statement by the company Friday. “Duluth Pack is an American heritage. It really led the way as an original outdoor equipment company. It brings people together and we can share our stories through our products. Our packs evoke memories that last for generations. We thank our customers for continuing to support Made in USA and the hard-working Americans for nearly a century and a half. “

Over the years, Duluth Pack has grown into a globally recognized brand and used in blockbuster movies, including the pack about Kevin Hart in the Jumanji series; international television shows (Ozark, The Neighborhood, Modern Family and Last Man Standing), and worn and worn by A-List celebrities. All of Duluth Pack’s manufactured items are still handcrafted one at a time at their historic, century-old factory located in Duluth, Minnesota.

“We feel extremely fortunate to have become such a renowned company,” said Duluth Pack CFO Mark Oestreich. “We continue to focus on our core values ​​- a commitment to quality, premium delivery, manufacturing in America and a lifetime warranty – and we know that Duluth packs will last for generations to come. ”

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