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Documentary “Crossroads Stories”, on racial justice in Columbus, presented at the Heartland Film Festival


COLUMBUS, Ind. – A Columbus duo-directed documentary mini-film featuring local residents talking about racial justice will be part of the prestigious Indianapolis Heartland Film Festival which opens Thursday.

The 37-minute production, “Crossroads Stories,” will premiere in person at 7:15 pm Saturday at Living Room Theaters, 745 E. Ninth St., Suite 810, Indianapolis, according to festival staff. And it will also air at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Kan-Kan Cinema and Brewery, 1258 Windsor St., Indianapolis. Virtual screenings are available anytime during the festival from Thursday to October 17, according to writer and producer Alyse Tucker Bounds.

Tucker Bounds is originally from Columbus and lives in Indianapolis. She worked with Columbus director Ryan Furr on the project.

Furr, of Ryan Furr Creative, called the recognition “pretty crazy”.

Tucker Bounds acknowledged much the same for the self-funded project which then won support from the Bartholomew County African American Fund for its presentation at the Amplify Columbus Film Festival in May.

“Honestly, I’m really, really excited,” said Tucker Bounds. “I didn’t expect him to come in, to be honest. I just said, ‘I’m going to go.’ “

For the full story, see The Republic of Wednesday.

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