Demotech assigns a Financial Stability Rating® to Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc.


Columbus, Ohio, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Demotech, Inc., the first to review and rate independent, regional and specialty insurers, has assigned a Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A, Outstanding, to Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. This level of FSR is awarded to insurers who possess exceptional financial stability, liquid and readily available invested assets to honor claims, an acceptable level of financial leverage and a provision for claims and settlement expenses, based on their commitments.

President and co-founder of Demotech, Joseph Petrellisaid, “We are pleased to add Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. to the growing list of carriers rated by Demotech. In my opinion, the creation of this company is an enlightened example of a public-private relationship as well as the intersection of environmental, social and governance concepts.

“My board and I are very pleased to achieve this rating,” said Michael Maglarasdirector of Michael Maglaras & Company, the outsourced management company providing superintendent services to CFSIC. “Demotech’s evaluation process is vigorous and very detailed. We had no idea of ​​the outcome in advance, and we are extremely pleased with this recognition of our operational excellence.”

About Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc.

Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. is licensed and licensed as a captive insurer to assist Connecticut State with the fair and equitable settlement of homeowners’ claims resulting from the natural disaster of pyrrhotite-affected home foundations. Its mission is to use its available resources to adjust and pay claims for the reconstruction of as many pyrrhotite-affected house foundations as those resources will permit. Visit for additional information and disclosures.

About Demotech, Inc.

Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm specializing in assessing the financial stability of independent, regional and specialty insurers. Since 1985, Demotech has served the insurance industry by awarding financial stability ratings® (FSR) for P&C insurers and securities underwriters. Demotech’s philosophy is to review and evaluate insurers based on their area of ​​focus and business model execution rather than solely on financial size. Demotech was the first to rate and rate independent regional and specialty insurers. Visit for more information on how we can help you.

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