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It’s hard for startups on a budget to attract executives with the knowledge base to propel them forward, but Continuum, a talent market for split-workers, doesn’t think it should.

The first remote business, which launched today, quietly developed a tool that connects venture-backed companies with executives who have done this before, but don’t want to be tied down again. a full-time position. .

Continuum was founded in 2020 by Nolan Church, former HR Director of Carta and Head of Talent at DoorDash; Greg White, former Head of DevOps and Security Engineering at Carta; and Mary Nelson, former head of product and design at Voxer. They set out to create a way for companies to access world-class talent, but not have to hire someone full-time.

“There is an extreme talent shortage, which has been covered at length, but it’s harder than ever to hire someone; the process is taking longer than ever and the best people have more options than ever before, ”Church told TechCrunch. “It made us think of full time as one path that exists among a few others. “

The shortage, combined with a greater number of startups generating start-up and Series A investment, means these booming companies don’t see the kind of incoming attention from job seekers, but instead need to. outings, either themselves or through a recruiter.

The Continuum model does the outbound work for companies and presents a list of executives, within 48 hours, who are available to start that day, working 15 or 20 hours per week. Executives create a profile and set their availability and pricing and can accept or reject an opportunity. Continuum charges an additional 15%.

On the business side, this allows them to avoid acquiring massive amounts of “debt from people” while learning from someone who has already done so. Continuum also manages the worker’s back office management: contracts, taxes and payments, monthly invoicing to the startup.

To continue to develop its market, the company announced Friday a funding round of 2.85 million dollars. Uncork Capital was led and was joined by Day One Ventures and a group of angel investors including Lattice founder Jack Altman, Carta CEO Henry Ward, Flippa founder Matt Mickiewicz and DoorDash founder Tony Xu.

Altman, in people management himself, said he sees what Continuum does – more flexible work opportunities – as the future of work. He got involved in the business early on and found that Church and his co-founders were mission-driven and building the kind of talent marketplace that fits with where he thinks the world of work is going.

“Employees have more choices than ever before,” he added. “People don’t just stay in one area, but are multifaceted humans with many interests. The world of work turns to the employer every year, and businesses need to support people in order to build successful businesses.

Continuum launched its product in June and since then has seen a five-fold increase in gross volume. Church says product functionality is about 80% of the way, so the new funding will go towards building additional executive back-office tools and hiring engineers to complete that.

The company begins to scale up acquisition of supply and demand and works with 100 executives on one side and three dozen startups on the other.

“COVID has pushed everyone into a remote world where everything is fine,” Church added. “The location is now agnostic and we can solve the global problem of the difficulty of hiring specialists and executives. “


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