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A truck arrives to retrieve a shipping container near ships docked at Maersk APM Terminals Pacific in the Port of Los Angeles on November 30. The Port of Los Angeles is on track to transport a record volume of import cargo this year.

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By Michael Stumo InsideSoures

Much has been said about the shortage of consumer goods in the United States lately. Increased consumer demand in the wake of the COVID pandemic has resulted in global shortages of many industrial products. And with the freighters backed up and waiting to enter the congested ports of the West Coast of the United States, there is now a bottleneck.

Not only do consumers expect imported products, but many domestic producers also expect inputs from abroad, preventing them from assembling the final products.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Rather than remain dependent on imports, the United States needs to start manufacturing more products at home. Significantly, some domestic producers are already proving that this is the way to go. In fact, companies sourcing from the United States are experiencing a business boom.

A good example is Kason Industries, which manufactures equipment for the food service and trucking industries at its two manufacturing plants in Georgia. Despite the downturn affecting many businesses, Kason continues to produce products.

Kason’s work requires a lot of steel, zinc and aluminum. And given the current supply chain crisis, the company should be left out as much as everyone else. But Kason vice president Burl Finkelstein says the company just doesn’t depend on China as much as its competitors. And so Kason is currently doing record business instead of waiting for supplies from China.

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