Bengal sweet dish ‘Mihidan’ reaches Bahrain



Bahrain, October 6 (IANS): Right before the ‘pujas’ there is good news for the people of West Bengal. In an effort to promote indigenous and Geographically Identified (GI) labeled products, the first shipment of GI ‘Mihidana’ sweet dish from Bardhaman, was exported to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This unique sweet dish exported by the Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) is presented (also provided for tasting) to consumers at Aljazeera supermarkets in Bahrain. More shipments of this unique sweet dish would be exported to Bahrain during the upcoming Diwali festival.

APEDA in a tweet wrote – In order to tap the export potential of indigenous and #IG branded products, a consignment of unique sweet dishes from #WestBengal – #Sitabhog, #Langcha, #Chandrapuli & #Narkel Naru (#coconut # laddu with #jaggery) was exported to the Kingdom of # Bahrain.

A GI label is a sign designating a specific geographic origin and has qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. GIs, a form of intellectual property right (IPR), are distinguished from other forms of IPR because they attribute exclusivity to the community within a defined geography, rather than to an individual, as is the case with trademarks and patents.

A GI label can be issued for agricultural, natural or manufactured products that have a unique quality, reputation or other characteristics attributable to their geographic origin. Darjeeling tea, Basmati rice, Kanchipuram silk, Mysore silk, Hyderabadi haleem, Nagaland chili products, etc., sold with the GI tag have higher prices.

In recent years, APEDA has focused on increasing the country’s lesser-known, indigenous and GI food products. In August 2021, India Post ran special coverage on West Bengal sweets “Mihidana” and “Sitabhog”. Bardhaman from West Bengal obtained the IG label for Centennial Treats in 2017.

APEDA has carried out promotional activities to bring unique and GI certified products on the map of India’s processed agricultural and food exports. APEDA undertakes market promotion activities for the export of food products, market information to make informed decisions, international exposure, skills development, capacity building and high quality packaging. It also provides assistance to set up packing centers in all states that would meet the mandatory requirement or infrastructure for exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to the international market.



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